Marden Parish Hall Working Group

In early 2024 the Parish Council approved the Terms of Reference for a working group with the following objectives 1. support the Architect in the development of the “Design & Build Tender” , 2. draft a document the sets out the future management of the new facility and 3. help secure funding for the overall project.

To achieve these objectives the membership of the group will consist of 4 Parish Councillors and 4 Trustees of the Marden Village Trust. Others maybe asked to participate in meetings in order to provide specific input. Design decisions are delegated by the Parish Council to the working group as long as they are within the current scope, within budget and do not require a change to the approved planning application. This is to ensure timely responses to the Architect

Due to the confidential nature of many discussions this group will not be open to the public but notes of each meeting will we made and a summary report given at the monthly Parish Council meetings along with any required proposals for approval.


During the remainder of 2022 and 2023 a group whose membership included representatives of the Academy, Pre-School, Marden Village Trust and the Parish Council looked to develop an holistic solution that would allow both the Academy & Pre-School to grow and provide a Parish Hall owned by the parish. The outcome of the group’s work led to a Marden Village Trust extra-ordinary meeting that successfully requested the authority from parishioners to relinquish the leases on the current Community Centre at the appropriate time.

Additionally, in late 2023 the Parish Council planning application for a new Parish Hall was approved. The Parish Council then re-engaged our architect who will develop a “Design & Build” tender document. The aim being to engage a builder by the middle of 2024 with a target completion no later than September 2025.

Much work is needed to achieve these aims.


Following the Opinion Poll in February 2022 that rejected an increase in the precept to repay an increased Public Works Loan, the Parish Council meeting on 11 April 2022 decided that the Community Facilities Group and PC need to consider a new funding strategy to ensure the new facility can be built, as it is very much needed. No further architectural work or significant expenditure will be undertaken until the planning application is approved.

A document outlining the evolution of the design and funding process for the project is available here. The document is presented jointly by the parish council and Marden Village Trust.

Display sheets for the Consultation Events in December are available here

The Complete Business Plan (latest version) is available here

The Report of the Consultation Events in December 2021, which includes the Comments made with the PC Responses, is available here.

The main Community Facilities (CF) Group is now working on the new Community Centre build project, as shown below.

The CF sub-groups are: Fundraising; Traffic Management; Youth; Older Persons. The links to each Sub-Group can be found below.
Traffic Management
Older Parishioners

The rest of this page is devoted to the build project.

Notes of CF Meetings

The next CFG meeting is to be arranged.

Please contact the Parish Clerk for the Zoom invitation details if you wish to attend (

The tender process to appoint a new architect for RIBA stages 4-7 has completed. The tender submission comparison document and Notes of the CFG meeting considering the tenders can be seen using the link above.

The Invitation to Tender document is available here:

The presentation given to the CF Group in February 2020 is available here:

The report of the Community Event held on 7 December 2019 and display items are available here:

The presentation given to the Parish Council on 17 October 2016 is available here: Presentation to Parish Council -17th Oct 2016 Handout

In conjunction with the Community Consultation Event on Saturday 25 June 2016, the NCF group undertook a questionnaire survey. The results and analysis of the questionnaire and the list of comments made are available here:
Analysis report and summary of community consultation questionnaire
Comments on questionnaire responses

The notes from the Workshop with User Groups can be downloaded here: Notes of Workshop 11 May 2016

The Architects’ Brief document on which the architects based their quotes can be found here: Architect Brief 12.1.16

The display sheets, results, comments and report from the Community Consultation Event held on 6.12.15 are available here: Display for event draft 4.12.15
Comments by question from NCF CC 6.12.15
Report of Community Consultation Event for New Community Facility
Results of CC 6.12.15