Minutes of Meetings & Next Agenda

There will be a parish council meeting on Monday 9 November at 7.00 pm by Zoom. The agenda and Clerk’s Information Sheet will be available here on Marden Agenda 12 October 2020

If you wish to attend the meeting as a member of the public, please email the Parish Clerk for the log in details and password – parish.clerk@mardenherefordshire-pc.gov.uk

The agenda will only be published here, in line with legal requirements. Please pass this information on to anyone you feel may be interested in attending as a member of the public. Many thanks.

During the current pandemic, new planning applications will be uploaded here with links to the relevant documents etc. Once the response from the PC has been included in Minutes of a meeting, the application will be deleted from here, unless the response window is still open.

P202891/F, Land south of Burmarsh Trading Estate, HR1 3BP – Proposed vehicular  access to an existing facility

Link to documents  https://www.herefordshire.gov.uk/info/200142/planning_services/planning_application_search/details?id=202891&search-term=202891       

P203276/PA7, Drakeley Farm, Marden, HR1 3ES – Prior notification of a proposed winter fill agricultural water storage reservoir for irrigation

Link to documents  https://www.herefordshire.gov.uk/info/200142/planning_services/planning_application_search/details?id=203276&search-term=203276 

P202108/F, 3 Wallsend, Marden, HR1 3EL – Single storey Annexe at rear of property to house my daughter. Retrospective – Re-consultation

Link to documents  https://www.herefordshire.gov.uk/info/200142/planning_services/planning_application_search/details?id=202108&search-term=202108   

P203153/F, Field at Sutton Lakes House, Sutton Lakes, HR1 3NS – Additional bay extension on existing three bay barn (retrospective)

Link to documents https://www.herefordshire.gov.uk/info/200142/planning_services/planning_application_search/details?id=203153&search-term=203153

Before starting virtual Parish Council meetings by Zoom, a review of the different ways (platforms) that could be used to undertake such virtual meetings was undertaken and the Analysis is available here MPC Virtual Meeting Analysis April 2020.

The documents for the Judicial Review are available here. The Lessons Learned document is available here Judicial Review – Lessons Learned

Meetings for 2020 are as follows: 9 November and 14 December, all at 7.00 pm if a virtual Zoom meeting or 7:30 pm if a face-to-face meeting in the Community Centre.

Latest Parish Council communications

Budget and precept flyer 2020-21

MPC Business Plan May 2019

Parish council requests to Herefordshire about traffic management that can be put in from section 106 monies from the New House Farm development. The PC is considering installing village white gates in advance of the S106 work.   Transport S106 requests from NHF development

Minutes for 2020 with relevant Clerk’s Information Sheet (prepared for ordinary meetings and occasionally extra meetings) are available here – click on the date

Other meeting briefing papers can be requested and will be supplied by the Clerk, provided they are not confidential. Currently, due to Covid 19, minutes cannot only be ‘wet’ signed occasionally, therefore only unsigned minutes are available. Unsigned Minutes can be read by a screen reader, however signed scanned Minutes cannot.

The DRAFT Minutes of the meeting on 12 October are available here DRAFT MPC Minutes 12 October 2020 PLEASE NOTE these are draft unadopted minutes which may be amended before being adopted at the next meeting.

Clerks information sheet October 2020

MPC Minutes 14 September 2020 unsigned       Accounts appendix for 14.9.20

Clerks information sheet September 2020

MPC Minutes 10 August 2020 unsigned      Accounts appendix for 10.8.20          10 August 2020

Clerks information sheet August 2020

MPC Minutes 13 July 2020 unsigned            Accounts appendix for 10.8.20         13 July 2020

Clerks information sheet July 2020

MPC Minutes 8 June unsigned               Accounts appendix for 8.6.20          8 June 2020

Clerks information sheet June 2020

MPC Minutes 26 May 2020 unsigned        Accounts appendix for 26.5.20            26 May 2020

Clerks information sheet May 2020

MPC Minutes 19 March 2020 unsigned         19 March 2020

MPC Minutes 9 March 2020 unsigned             Accounts appendix for 9 March         9 March 2020

Clerks information sheet March 2020

MPC Minutes 10 February 2020 unsigned     Accounts appendix for 10.2.20      10 February 2020

Clerks information sheet February 2020

Community Facilities Group Presentation to PC – Feb 2020

MPC Minutes 27 January 2020 unsigned             27 January 2020

MPC Minutes 13 January 2020 unsigned      Accounts appendix for 13.1.20        13 January 2020

Clerks information sheet January 2020

Minutes for 2019  with relevant Clerk’s Information Sheet (prepared for ordinary meetings and occasionally extra meetings) are available here – click on date

9 December 2019 unsigned                      MPC Minutes 9 December 2019

Clerks information sheet December 2019

21 November 2019 unsigned                MPC Minutes 21 November 2019

11 November 2019 unsigned                 MPC Minutes 11 November 2019

Clerks information sheet November 2019

28 October 2019 unsigned           MPC Minutes 28 October 2019

14 October 2019 unsigned           MPC Minutes 14 October 2019

Clerks information sheet October 2019

30 September 2019 unsigned                MPC Minutes 30 September 2019

9 September 2019 unsigned             MPC Minutes 9 September 2019

Clerks information sheet September 2019

12 August 2019 unsigned              MPC Minutes 12 August 2019

Clerks information sheet August 2019

15 July 2019 unsigned                 MPC Minutes 15 July 2019

8 July 2019 unsigned                      MPC Minutes 8 July 2019

Clerks information sheet July 2019 

10 June 2019 unsigned                MPC Minutes 10 June 2019 

Clerks information sheet June 2019

The DRAFT Minutes of the Annual Parish Meeting are available here DRAFT Minutes Annual Meeting of the Parish Council 13 May 2019 – Please note these draft minutes may be amended before being adopted at the Annual Parish Meeting in 2020. Update – the Annual Parish Meeting has been postponed due to the Covid 19 crisis

Annual Meeting of the Parish Council 13 May 2019 unsigned         Annual Meeting of the Parish Council 13 May 2019 

Clerks information sheet May 2019

8 April 2019 unsigned                 MPC Minutes 8 April 2019      

Clerks information sheet April 2019

11 March 2019 unsigned             MPC Minutes 11 March 2019     

Clerks information sheet March 2019

18 February 2019 unsigned               MPC Minutes 18 February 2019    

Notes of informal meeting 18.2.19

11 February 2019 unsigned              MPC Minutes 11 February 2019     

Clerks information sheet February 2019

14 January 2019 unsigned                MPC Minutes 14 January 2019     

Clerks information sheet January 2019

Archive Minutes – click here



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