Review of Neighbourhood Planning

The Regulation 14 Consultation on the Marden Modified Neighbourhood Development Plan starts on Monday 30 November 2020 and finishes on Friday 15 January 2021.

The relevant documents for the Consultation are available here. Please use a separate Representation Form for every comment you wish to make. Please email the Parish Clerk ( with your comments.

Final Marden Neighbourhood Plan for Regulation 14

Modification Statement for Review Draft of Marden NDP



Regulation 14 Representation Form 30.11.20-15.1.21

Fillable Regulation 14 Representation Form 30.11.20-15.1.20

The results of the Informal Consultation, including the comments submitted and the response to the comments made, are available here Results of Community Consultation of new sites for allocation, Vision, Objectives, amended and new policies

The Consultation Document is available here, as is the original Site Assessment Report and Site Scoring. However, these have been superseded as below.

Informal Community Consultation of new sites for allocation, Vision, Objectives, amended and new policies

Site assessment report September 2020          Site scoring

Due to an error by the independent assessor, the Site Assessment Report and Site Scoring were revised as shown below.

Site assessment report revised 29th September 2020          Site scoring revised 29 Sept 2020


Following the Call for Sites, the proposed timetable for the NDP Review process is as follows:

17-30 SeptemberInformal Community Consultation on proposed allocation and changes to Objectives and Policies
End November – early January 2021Regulation 14 Consultation
Early February to end MarchSubmit to Herefordshire Council for Regulation 16 Consultation
April-JuneExamination, local Referendum and adoption of new Plan by Herefordshire Council

The parish council has set up a Review Group for the NDP, which is currently meeting by Zoom. The next meeting is on Wednesday 7 October at 4.00 pm.

Please contact the Parish Clerk if you wish to attend the meeting as a member of the public or if you wish to join the Review Group.

The decision to undertake an interim review follows a seminar held in 2019 by Herefordshire Council for parish councils, particularly those with made (adopted) Neighbourhood Development Plans (NDPs). The review process of Herefordshire’s Core Strategy has started and this may mean Marden NDP will need an interim review and then a further review when the new Core Strategy is adopted, which may be 3+ years time.

A summary of the recent seminar and the slides from it are here.

Summary of Parish Council seminar on Neighbourhood Development Plan Review

Parish Council seminar 6 November 2019

Notes of Meetings of NDP Review Group

NDPRG Notes 11 September 2020

NDPRG Notes 3 August 2020

NDPRG Notes 15 July 2020

NDPRG Notes 1 July 2020

NDPRG Notes 17 June 2020

Terms of Reference NDP Review Group June 2020

Marden Neighbourhood Development Plan

Following the successful referendum on 8 September, the Marden Neighbourhood development Plan was ‘made’, adopted, by Herefordshire Council. The decision document can be seen here Marden NP Made Decision Document

The NDP with post examination modifications for the referendum can be accessed here Marden Neighbourhood Plan July 2016 with post examination modifications 

The letter from the Examiner and her report can be accessed here, with Herefordshire’s Decision Document. Marden_HC_Examiner_Report_Letter 



Documents from all formal and community consultations can be accessed here (latest documents first).  

The Submission documents can be accessed here

Marden Draft Neighbourhood Plan Submission Draft November 2015 Final

Marden Consultation Statement November Final 5.11.15

Marden Basic Conditions Statement Nov 15 final 3.11.15

Marden_Env_Report_Nov2015 (1)


The September 2015 Regulation 14 documents are here 

Marden Draft Neighbourhood Plan second Regulation 14 Consultation September 2015 Marden_Env_Report_August2015


The documents from the July 2015 Community Consultation can be accessed here

Report for Open Event 18-19 July 2015

Marden Draft Neighbourhood Plan Community Consultation Event 18-19 July 2015 15.7.15

Display pages Community Consultation Event 18-19 July 2015

The February 2015 Regulation 14 Consultation documents are here

Marden Regulation 14 Consultation Draft Neighbourhood Plan 5.2.15

Marden Habitat Regulations Assessment Report


The documents from the Community Consultation January 2015 are here

Report on the Open Event January 2015

Display pages for Community Consultation Event 10-11 January 2015

Marden Draft Neighbourhood Plan 7.1.15

The Call for Sites Assessment Report and Assessment Addendum Report are available here

Marden Call for Sites Assessment Report 5jan15

Marden Call for Sites Addendum (1)

The document from the Community Consultation on Options in November 2014 is here

Options consultation analysis November 2014.

The document for the September 2014 consultation on the proposed amendment to the Settlement Boundary for Marden village is  here

Questionnaire analysis 23.9.14.

A questionnaire was undertaken in March 2014 to get basic data to help start the NDP process. These documents are available here.

Questionnaire analysis

Marden settlement area

Marden Questionnaire March 2014  


Neighbourhood planning has allowed parish councils to make law for the first time and therefore it is very important. In Herefordshire it is only parish and town councils that can produce a Neighbourhood Development Plan (NDP). The NDP cannot conflict with either national planning policy or Herefordshire Council’s Core Strategy adopted in 2015. However, the NDP allows local people to define where and what type of development they want to see in their parish up to 2031. The process of writing a Neighbourhood Development Plan (NDP) for the parish starts with designation of the area which the plan is to be written for. In Marden this is the whole of the parish. A Steering Group was set up to identify the policies for the NDP and undertake the work needed to consult widely with those who live, work and do business in Marden. The Notes of the Steering Group meetings can be found here. All meetings of the Steering Group are open to the public to come and observe and comment, so please come and be part of the future of your village. Click here for Information about the role of the Steering Group and the Terms of Reference. There are many documents that have to be considered when policies are written and the Steering Group were helped in the process by Kirkwells Planning Consultants, who put their ideas into a legal format and words and identified which documents are necessary to consider.  

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