This webpage will be used to give useful information to help you protect the environment and lead a more sustainable lifestyle. In due course, it will also provide links to other resources to help you.

Herefordshire Council declared a Climate state of emergency in 2019 and it is very keen to work with parish councils through the Great Collaboration to develop and implement green actions. The PC now has an adopted Environment and Sustainability Policy and is setting up a group to implement and develop the PC’s Environmental and Sustainability Plan.

The Group will be led by the PC but with most of its members from the community. It will be Chaired and led by Cllr Rod Lees, on behalf of the PC, who will report regularly to the Parish Council.

It is a really exciting opportunity and we would like to get as many people as possible working together on this project. Below is the list of actions that the PC has identified as priorities for this Group, though other actions will be undertaken and are the responsibility of other PC working groups:

  • Promote recycling
  • Promote walking, cycling and running – map a 2 mile circle round your house and walk/cycle/run everywhere within it
  • Set up a bicycle recycle scheme – using a database of outgrown/unused bikes to loan out
  • Encourage people to re-wild
  • Increase awareness about leaving engines running when stationary
  • Education and information on various issues – mending/reusing clothes and fabric, bike maintenance and environmental issues generally
  • Raising/tackling concern over river pollution and fish stock levels
  • Encourage a community composting initiative and at personal level
  • Promote upcycling of furniture, less food waste, buying carbon offsets if you fly, reduction in use of pesticides, obsessing over every drop of water
  • Consider a community group bulk buy, eg. of energy, heat pumps, solar panels

If you are interested in getting involved please contact Cllr Lees on 01432880679 or email

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