This page gives the minutes of the twice yearly Liaison Group Meetings. The Liaison Group includes members of S&A, the parish council and parishioners. Updates about specific issues will also be available here.

Update on Marden bus service 426:

I am writing to advise that following feedback regarding the large demand for the “10 o’clock bus”, we have been in communication with Yeomans Travel to establish the possibility of providing an additional bus service on the 09:52 departure from Brook Farm, arriving into Hereford at 10:20.  As I am sure you are aware, this particular bus is popular as Concession Passes are valid and it is used frequently by S&A workers who have a day off, frequently resulting in the bus being full by the time it reaches Marden village and Sutton St. Nicholas.  Yeomans have now advised us that it is their intention to start running an extra bus on the 09:52 departure from Marden to Hereford with effect from Monday 23rd April 2018 and this additional bus will run daily from Monday to Friday inclusive.  Yeomans have also advised that a larger bus is allocated to the same journey on Saturdays.

We will keep in touch with Yeomans regularly, as we can update them with our staff numbers; they will also see numbers using the bus service from their side and as a result can tweak days and buses as required.

This information has also been communicated for inclusion in the forthcoming edition of the Marden “News & Views”.

Update re lorry parked overnight 18-19 April:

Following our recent discussions regarding the communication of issues, please be advised that we have this morning dealt with an incident involving a UK registered vehicle which had parked in the road outside Brook Farm during the night.  The lorry was situated in a dangerous position and larger vehicles were having to use the grass verge on the opposite side of the road in order to pass by.

On arriving to work this morning, S&A’s Transport Manager attempted to wake the driver of the lorry but to no avail.  At this point it was not clear whether or not the vehicle was bound for Brook Farm.  The Transport Manager took a photograph and as a result was able to locate details of the haulage company which is based in Hemel Hempstead.  A short while later, the lorry driver came into S&A’s Reception and it materialised that he was making a delivery to S&A.  Via an interpreter, myself and a colleague spoke to the Bulgarian driver, highlighting the danger of his actions and the problems caused to other drivers.  We have since spoken with both the supplier of the goods being delivered and the manager of the haulage company.  The latter advised me that this was a one-off delivery, with neither the driver or the haulier having visited S&A before and probably not likely to again; the manager did assure me, however, that should this not be the case, he has made a note on his records to contact us beforehand in order that we can advise him of S&A’s guidelines in respect of lorries visiting Brook Farm.

We would be grateful if you could please convey our apologies should this incident be brought to your attention – I did observe one gentleman who had pulled over to take a photograph and the road in question is clearly a busy one.

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