Marden Village Trust and the Community Centre

Marden Community Centre and Primary School Academy

 Chairman: Robin BrookTel: 07738 634902
 Lettings Secretary:Chris WathenTel: 01568 797876 or
or alternatively:Paula BarrattTel: 07985 576230

Annual General Meeting of the Marden Village Trust

Thursday 19th November 2020 at 7.30pm

This meeting will be held by Zoom. The link to join the meeting is:

Meeting ID: 685 796 9875

Passcode: QBB2wx

If you do not have internet access, if you contact Paula Barrett on 07985 5776230, Paula will explain how you can join the meeting using your telephone although you will only be able to hear and speak but not see anything.

AGM of Marden Village Trust to be Held in Public Thursday 19ᵗʰ November 2020 by Zoom


1. Apologies for absence

2. To approve the draft Minutes of the AGM held on 23ʳᵈ October 2019: Available here  Minutes of the 2019 AGM of Marden Village Trust or by contacting the Secretary on 07985 576230

3. To receive a report from the Chair of the Trustees

4. To receive a verbal summary of the accounts for the financial year ending 30ᵗʰ June 2020 (the
full accounts are available on the Village website or from the Treasurer subsequent to the meeting)

5. To vote on the following proposals: (proposed Robin Brook, Seconded Paula Barrett)
a. That this AGM mandates the Village Trust Trustees to work in partnership with the Parish
Council in a joint initiative to investigate the best options for a single new management structure
to enable the proposed new community facility and the existing one to be managed and resourced as
b. That this AGM mandates the Village Trust Trustees to work in partnership with the Parish
Council to investigate the process by which the Village Trust could be wound up
c. That this AGM mandates the Village Trust Trustees, in partnership with the Parish Council,
to investigate the process by which the assets of the Village Trust might be transferred to a
successor organisation
d. That this AGM mandates the Village Trust Trustees to seek all necessary resources to be
secured from the Parish Council to enable proposals (a), (b) and (c) above to be implemented.

6. To agree interim Chair for items 8 ‐ 10

7. To note any resignation of existing Trustees

8. Existing Trustees to stand down (Interim Chair to take the Chair)

9. Nomination, election / co‐option of new Trustees
a) All existing trustees are willing to stand for re‐election other than Robin Brook who wishes
to stand down.

10. To close the AGM

Robin Brook: Chair: Marden Village Trust (07738 634902)


The Community Centre is used extensively by local groups, the details of which can be found elsewhere on this web site. The Community Centre is available for booking for a wide range of activities including weddings and parties, fitness and sports activities.

The Community Centre consists of two rooms: the Community Lounge which can take around 60 people; and the Hall which can take up to 100.

Marden Community Centre Community Lounge     Marden Community Centre Hall

Included in a booking of either is the use of the kitchen. The kitchen has all the usual facilities of a non-commercial kitchen, including cutlery and crockery.

Tables and chairs are also available and the use of them is also included in the hire charges.

The Community Centre, which is co-located with the Maren Primary School Academy, has ample car parking and is run by the Marden Village Trust.

For all enquires regarding bookings, including current hire charges, please contact the Bookings Secretary Mrs C. Wathen on 01568 797876 or email

The conditions of use of the hall are displayed in the Community Centre corridor.

The Annual General Meeting of Marden Village Trust was held on Wednesday 23 October 2019.

The analysis of the results of Marden Village Trust questionnaire that was sent out with the December 2017 News & Views and the full list of comments made are available here MVT questionnaire analysis Comments on MVT Questionnaire December 2017

New draft hiring agreements have been considered and can be seen here New Hire Agreement One off Events     New Hire Agreement Regular Users

New Constitution adopted 16.1.17

Agendas, minutes of meetings and financial reports are available on this page when published.

November 2019 Minutes

September 2019 Minutes

August 2019 Minutes

June 2019 Minutes

May 2019 Minutes

March 2019 Minutes

February 2019 Minutes

January 2019 Minutes

December 2018 Minutes

Minutes of the 2018 AGM of Marden Village Trust

September 2018 Minutes

March 2018 Minutes

January 2018 Minutes

Minutes of the AGM of Marden Village Trust 2017 

November 2017 Minutes

September 2017 minutes

MVT Treasurers Report July 2017

July 2017 minutes

May minutes draft 

Minutes 6 March 2017 

Marden Village Trust Minutes 30 January 2017

Amended Minutes of Marden Village Trust AGM 16.1.17

Minutes of the meeting of the new Management Trustees of MVT 16.1.17

MVT Final Accounts 2015-16

MVT Interim Accounts 2016-17

6 Minutes Apr 21st 2016 Marden Community Centre – 201516 Accounts 3qtr

Village Trust Minutes Feb 1st 2016 Attachments are not included on the website

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