Update – Planning Application 221524

P221524/F Erection of up to 13.5 hectares of fixed (i.e. non-rotating) ‘Spanish’ Polytunnels over soft fruit grown on ‘table tops’, excavations and ground profiling to form new winter storage reservoir and the erection of an agricultural storage building and 6 no. water storage tanks.

Update from Herefordshire Planning Department case officer Rebecca Jenman.

‘I can confirm that the agent has asked that he can respond to concerns from the Highways and Drainage Officer , as well as representations from locals. We are expecting further information to be submitted in the next few weeks at which stage we will carry out a further round of consultations. I have request an extension of time until the beginning of December.  I will let you know as soon as we have received the information. A this stage they have advised that they won’t be amending plans.’

Any comments (objections or support) can still be made directly to the case officer Rebecca Jenman.

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