Planning Dates

We have had a number of reports from Parishioners that Planning representations are not appearing on the Herefordshire Planning website.

The current information from Planning (23 August 2022) is as follows:

“We are currently:

  • Validating applications received on 2 August 2022
  • Processing applications validated on 2 August 2022
  • Processing discharge of condition applications received on 5 August 2022
  • Publishing representations received on 11 August 2022

Please note that due to the high caseloads we are currently dealing with, applications are being placed in a holding pile awaiting allocation to a case officer. Applications will be allocated on a capacity basis. Consultant planners have been engaged to help clear this backlog. Please do not chase for an update on the status of applications as this takes us away from processing applications currently allocated. We are processing the applications as quickly as we possibly can. However, if you do have an urgent query which needs addressing please email:

In due course a site visit will be carried out and an appropriate notice erected. Once the site notice has been erected a further 21 day consultation period will be given following the date the notice is erected.

Publication delays

There may be delays in publishing representation to the website at times when the department is processing large scale applications all of which need to be reviewed and redacted before publishing to the website. This is due to the large volumes of representations these types of applications generate. We will however always endeavour to get representations to the website as soon as we possibly can.

You can use our planning application search to find, view and comment on current applications and their supporting documents. You can also review applications that have been decided. For help on how to make a comment, view our comment on an application page.”

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