Development proposal for Drakeley Farm

As part of its commitment to supplying UK consumers with locally sourced fruit, S&A is extending its soft fruit growing operations at Drakeley Farm, immediately to the east of Brook Farm and, to this end, is proposing to submit a Planning Application for permission: to erect up to 13.5  hectares of fixed (i.e., ‘non-rotating’) ‘Spanish’ Polytunnels over arable (soft fruit) crops grown on ‘table-tops’; excavations and ground profiling to form a small new Winter Storage Reservoir (0.6 hectares/8060 m3 capacity) to enhance the sustainability of water supply; and the erection of a  648 m2 profiled-steel-clad portal frame general purpose agricultural building and 6 no. 14.7 metre diameter 600 m3capacity  water storage tanks.  The total area of the Application Site is approximately 27 hectares, and only half of it would actually be tunnelled. Both within that Site and immediately adjoining it across the rest of Drakeley Farm, we propose to grow open field (un-covered) crops. The proposals have been carefully formulated so as to minimise impacts on residential neighbours and on the environment and, amongst other things, they will include extensive areas of landscape planting and management and biodiversity enhancement.

The proposal will be submitted to Planning and will be considered by the Parish Council at that time. Please look out for details and sign up on the PC website for News Alerts so that you are informed of when the application is being discussed by the PC.

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