Courier fraudsters seen in Marden – beware

The police have received a report of “courier fraud” calls being made to a resident in the Marden area. Frequently these calls are concentrated in one area for a couple of days before the scammers target a new area so we are asking local residents to be vigilant and help spread the word to elderly neighbours and relatives to help safeguard them.

Courier fraud is where a victim receives a call from someone purporting to be from their bank, the Police or another trusted agency. The caller will claim that fraudulent activity has been spotted on the victims account and they need the victim to withdraw a sum of money, sometimes claiming that someone at the bank might be responsible and they need it for their investigation. They will then arrange to collect the money, often depriving the victims of large sums of life savings.

Your bank, the Police and other agencies will NEVER ask you to withdrawn cash. They will NEVER ask for your PIN code. They will NEVER arrange to collect cash from you.

If you receive a call like this, hang up and wait 10 minutes before reporting the call. We advise that you wait 10 minutes just in case the scammer tried to stay on the line. 

You can get further information on these scams and others on our website or via Action Fraud.

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