Email sent to Herefordshire Council and Balfour Beatty about Laystone Bridge

Below is a copy of the email sent today on behalf of Marden Parish to multiple Herefordshire Council officers and CEO, Ward Councillor Guthrie, Cabinet Member for Highways Ward Cllr Harrington and senior officers in Balfour Beatty.

‘Marden Parish Council and parishioners are extremely concerned and annoyed about the recent damage to Laystone Bridge.

As you will be aware, the bridge was only reopened 3 weeks ago after the previous repair. Unfortunately another bridge strike on 8 October caused considerable damage to the south wall of the bridge, followed by yet another strike on 12 October that has damaged the north wall of the bridge. So now the majority of the bridge needs repairing, which will no doubt result in another lengthy closure of this important access road to the village.

Many parishioners are up in arms and consider that restrictions should be put in place to stop HGVs and large agricultural vehicles from using the bridge. The parish council agrees that something must now be done to prevent further damage to this Grade11* listed asset. However the parish council recognises, following the multiple requests it has previously made to Herefordshire Council, Balfour Beatty and other agencies for interventions to protect the bridge, that it is not a simple matter and that putting any restriction on the bridge may lead to consequences for the community of traffic being forced to come through the middle of the village. Nevertheless the repetitive bridge strikes causing continuous damage must be stopped.’

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