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It is disappointing to read the social media posts about the planning application for the Marden Post Office. A few points to consider: the agenda for the PC meeting on 13 July stated that the PC would consider this application – however no parishioner contacted the PC with their point of view; the draft minutes giving the PC’s response were uploaded to the website on 15 July; no parishioner submitted their own response to Herefordshire Council to support the application.

Every News & Views since February 2021 has asked for parishioners to make their views known to the PC before or at the meeting that considers a particular application. It is unfortunate that this rarely happens.

The PC’s response to this application that was sent to Herefordshire was: At its meeting on 13.7.21, Marden Parish Council resolved to object to 211793 on the following grounds. 1. This is a retrospective application, though the application form states no work has started it is actually almost or totally complete; 2. Point 10 on the application form states that there are no hedges or trees on the development site or land adjacent to the site, this is incorrect. The hedge between the garden and car park was completely removed during the nesting season. The PC requests that a replacement native species hedge is planted on the site; 3. No climate or biodiversity checklists were submitted with the application; 4. The car park at the front floods in rain, no details were supplied for the car park works or to address the flood risk.

For clarity as of 27.8.21, the PC has not been informed of the determination of this application.

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