Suspicious activity or people in the parish – let the police know straightaway

Latest update from the police 4 May 2021:
Marden was fairly quiet last month. There were 2 reports of suspicious individuals but only one was reported directly to the police, though it was picked up on social media. It is vital that any suspicious activity or people are reported to the police at time not just on social media. 1 uninsured and untaxed vehicle was seized and there was 1 burglary of milk churns.
There were no confirmed dog thefts in our area recently. There have been anecdotal reports of items left at properties, often coming from social media. Some items such as cable ties on gates appear to be more intentional than some other items reported as left as markers.
The police advice remains the same – to photograph the item in situ, remove it and report it straight to the police.

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