Watch out, dog nappers about!

A liver and white Springer Spaniel was stolen from a property in Walkers Green yesterday (25.2.21) by a man with a black beard who drove off in a white van.

It’s known that people who kidnap dogs are checking out an area and marking properties were there are dogs – look out for chalk marks (lines or dots leading to red crosses) or ribbons or cable ties on edge of properties, driveways, walls, trees. Please look out for such marks and contact 101 straight away.

The police are advising that dog owners should not let their dogs out unattended in front or back gardens that are not secure and that owners need to be vigilant. Ensure that gates are padlocked and invest in security lighting/CCTV if possible. This also helps protect your property from shed thefts – which are also common at the moment.

Please contact 101 straight away if you see any suspicious activity or vehicles in the parish.

Or contact the Rural Crime Team straight away: PC John Meek 07773 044234; PC Sarah Smith 07773 047243; Paul Crumpton 07773 044781

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