Sutton Walls history

Dear Parishioners,

Many of you have recently found the delights of walking around Sutton Walls but do you know the fascinating history of Sutton Walls? To find out about this Iron Age Hillfort please visit our website Please enjoy your walk but be aware the “Walls” is a Scheduled Monument and is designated “At Risk” by Historic England so when walking please keep to the public footpaths which are ably managed by Sutton Parish Council. The land either side of the footpaths including the Ramparts is private property and is in the trust of Sutton Walls Conservation Group, who in conjunction with Historic England are seeking Lottery funding to put in place a Conservation Management plan. Please pick up your litter and bin it safely at home. Once the current crisis is over we would welcome volunteers of all ages to join us and aim to reinstate our programme of events when possible. Email us at:

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