Urgent police warning about current fraud

The following message was received on 20 November from the police:

We have had a number of offences again today and so a significant series across Herefordshire over the last 5-6 days and a group targeting our elderly population, some of whom have lost many thousands of pounds.

We have set up an investigative team to try and stop the current number of offences which all appear linked but would ask that together with the posters that we please ask that people talk about this with family, friends and service users.  The targeted group is the elderly but in the main single females.  This demographic will probably respond better to word of mouth rather than our usual routes.

No one will phone to ask for account details, pin numbers or for money to be collected by couriers so people just need to put the phone down.  Please ask them to call the police if they have someone attempt this tactic.

The more people we can get talking about this the better chance we have of protecting the relevant demographic so please spread the word.  Thank you.

Detective Chief Inspector Jon Roberts

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