Information from Public Health England about the telecoms mast

The parish council has received the following response to an enquiry about health issues and masts:
Public Health England (PHE) advises the UK Government on the public health aspects of exposure to radio waves, including those from mobile phone base stations and other radio transmitters in the environment.  PHE’s main advice is that exposures to radio waves should comply with the guidelines published by the International Commission on Non-Ionizing Radiation Protection (ICNIRP):
This advice is underpinned by various formal reviews of the science.  The most recent PHE-backed review of the scientific evidence was undertaken by its own independent Advisory Group on Non-ionising Radiation (AGNIR) and published at the end of April,2012. The overall conclusion was that although a substantial amount of research has been conducted in this area there is no convincing evidence that radio wave exposures below guideline levels cause health effects in either adults or children. The AGNIR report can be found here:
PHE’s response to the AGNIR report can be found here:
Mobile phone network operators are committed to ensuring that all sites comply with the ICNIRP guidelines and  government has taken this advice into account in developing the policies that determine where mobile phone masts can be sited. See below for the mobile phone network operators best Code of Practice:
Many measurements have been made in and around residential properties and these have consistently been well below the ICNIRP guidelines (see pages 46-48 in the AGNIR report mentioned above):
If people are still concerned, I suggest they contact the mobile phone network operators directly and request assurances that the ICNIRP public exposure guidelines will indeed  be complied with in the publically accessible areas around the mast:
Following the information/letter published in June News & Views, a further enquiry was made about World Health Organisation (WHO) advice. The following response was received:
I have not come across this advice from the WHO (the WHO information mentioned in News & Views as above) nor have I been able to find the statement on the WHO website.
For your information, WHO recommendations on precautionary measures are available here:
PHE has issued precautionary advice on Radio Frequency (RF) Electromagnetic Fields (EMF) but only to discourage the non-essential use of mobile phones by children. This precautionary advice recognises that exposures are much higher than occur in other situations, though still within the guidelines, when mobile phones are held to the head to make voice calls. Similar precautionary advice is not considered necessary with the lower exposures that occur from Wi-Fi equipment, smart meters and mobile phone base stations, including the latest 4G systems:
I have also attached some more information on PHE’s RF EMF advice, which I hope this is helpful.
Dr Myron Maslanyj
Senior Scientific Group Leader, EMF Dosimetry Group
Public Health England
Centre for Radiation, Chemical and Environmental Hazards
The document mentioned above can be accessed here: PHE RF Advice Summary 12 May 2017

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