Increased Parish Council budget and precept 2015-16 adopted

Budget and precept for 2015-16
The budget for Marden Parish Council for next year includes funding for the parish Lengthsman to undertake various jobs that will no longer be done by Herefordshire Council, in particular verge cutting round the parish and filling of small potholes. Also included are funding for the Neighbourhood Development Plan, as the grant does not cover all the costs and an increase in staff travel expenses. This leads to a precept requirement of around £21,000, up from £17,500, though it is important to note that there has not been an increase in the precept since 2007.
The proposed budget and precept were adopted by the Parish Council on 10 November, as no comments were received from parishioners during the community consultation period.  This rise in precept will lead to an increase of about £5.64 a year in the amount that a band D household will pay for the Parish Council element of their Council Tax bill or about 11p a week increase.

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