Locality Briefing 13 June

I am pleased to present the 2nd locality briefing – dated 13 June 2014
During the last week I am pleased to report that the reactive team in the locality completed:
o             13 category 2 carriageway potholes
o             2 blocked gullies
o             8 footway slab defects
o             6 strimming completion of dangerous junctions.
This week the following planned works will take place in the locality:
•             Pothole repairs in Credenhill, Marden and Sutton. As well as in various locations around the city centre.
•             Resurfacing of roads under the investment scheme will take place in Bridge lane, Ridings Court, Hampton Bishop and Mordiford.
During this week I have met with Cllr Marcelle Lloyd Hayes, Cllr Bob Matthews, Cllr Kema Guthrie and Cllr Polly Andrews and together we have travelled and addressed some of the issues affecting their wards. I have created a number of defects on the confirm system for defects in these areas.
A blocked gully on the junction of the u72209 which was causing fairly extensive pooling on the c1292 (Dormington Road) has now been jetted and cleared.
Please note that all Grass Cutting schedules are now available on the Herefordshire Council website. For more information please click here, and open the excel spreadsheet under documents.
It would be great to understand if this is providing you with the sort of information that you need and indeed if you have any other feedback. If there is something missing, let me know and I will try to accommodate this in future reports. Please forward this on to your Parish Councils.
I hope this is of help,
MikeMike Gill – Hereford Locality Steward
Balfour Beatty Living Places | Unit 3, Thorn Business Park | Rotherwas | Hereford | HR2 6JT  M | 07816 064054  E | Mike.Gill@bblivingplaces.com

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