Extra money for pothole repairs

The Ward Councillor Kema Guthrie recently emailed the following information:
Cllr. Paul Rone (Cabinet Member for Highways) sent a Highways update to Councillors yesterday morning, a couple of the key points are as follows:-
“The really big news story from the world of highways this week is the fantastic allocation to Herefordshire of £2.57m of pothole money. We should really have been looking to receive around £1.8m but with a strong and informative bid, we are the beneficiary of over £750,000 extra.
This amount along with the £15m already allocated will be spent on the highways of the county before the end of March ’15.

Details of the Community Grant Scheme will be sent out to you within the next few days, in all £11,000 is available for either equipment or training for your community group to get to grips with the grass cutting. There are parts of the county that have not yet had the “Hay mown” and in some places where a cut has taken place, the end result is not good enough. I am talking to BBLP about this and will update you as and when.”

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