The Community Consultation on continuing the new Community Centre project and increasing the precept to cover a £500k Public Works Loan has started. It finishes on 31 December 2021.

Please go to https://www.mardenherefordshire-pc.gov.uk/working-groups/new-community-facilities-working-group/ for more details.

Next meetings

Extra Meeting on Monday 6 December at 7.45 to review process for responding to Community Consultation.

Wednesday 15 December at 6.30 pm in the Community Centre hall

If you would like to attend meetings as a member of the public, please email (parish.clerk@mardenherefordshire-pc.gov.uk) or ring (07789 322771) the Parish Clerk for information about the requirements to keep the meeting Covid-secure.

Please go to https://www.mardenherefordshire-pc.gov.uk/minutes/ for the agendas

Parish Council meetings will be on the second Monday at 7.45 pm unless otherwise stated.

Community Facilities Meeting: To be arranged in new year. Please contact the Parish Clerk (parish.clerk@mardenherefordshire-pc.gov.uk) for the login details if you wish to attend.

Fundraising Group Meeting: To be arranged. Please contact the Parish Clerk (parish.clerk@mardenherefordshire-pc.gov.uk) for the login details if you wish to attend.

Environment & Sustainability Group Meeting: To be arranged by Zoom. Please contact Rod Lees (rodlees1234@btinternet.com) for log-in details if you wish to attend.

Neighbourhood Development Plan Review Group: The review process has been stopped and the Regulation 14 draft NDP has been withdrawn, as the adopted (made) NDP now carries full planning weight.

The Great Collaboration has been launched in Marden, please see the poster below to see how you can make a difference to help Herefordshire move to carbon-zero by 2030.

About the Council

The Marden Parish Council meets monthly, with extra meetings if required for responses to planning applications. The May meeting includes the Annual Parish Council Meeting, which is preceded by the Annual Parish Meeting. The meetings in August and December may be cancelled if not required for planning. All meetings start at 19:30 hours, unless otherwise advertised. All meetings take place in the Community Centre unless otherwise advertised and parishioners are encouraged to attend. Currently all meetings take place in the Community Centre hall and start at 19:45 hours.

The meetings cover a wide range of topics, ranging from those for which the Council has a statutory duty to an open session, when any observations or suggestions from members of the Parish may be aired. In addition, the public may raise any matter at any time with a Parish Councillor or with the Clerk outside of a regular meeting.

Some examples of the Parish Council’s activities are given below. The Parish Council is responsible for setting the Marden precept which is recovered from parish householders via Herefordshire Council Tax. The Council makes recommendations to Herefordshire Council on planning applications, based on the impact such applications may have on the community and the local services. It supports local community groups and has the responsibility for paying for the maintenance of the Old Churchyard.

Under the Lengthsman Scheme, the Parish Council directs the contractor to undertake work on the road verges, drains, footpath work and other areas not the responsibility of house owners. This work is funded by the parish council under an Annual Maintenance Plan with Herefordshire Council. The Parish Council liaises regularly with the Balfour Beatty Locality Steward to highlight road repairs needed on the  roads and with Herefordshire Council about resurfacing and major road work, an on-going problem at this time. It also keeps advised of the work of the Environment Agency where local matters are concerned.

The Parish Council may consist of up to 11 members. If you are interested in being Co-opted as a member of the Council in the future, please contact the Parish Clerk. The Ward Councillor attends the Parish Council Meetings, together with the Parish Footpath Officer.

The official address for the Parish Council is: Marden Parish Clerk, 7 John Davies Place, Westcroft, Leominster, HR6 8JD. Tel: 07789 322771. Email: parish.clerk@mardenherefordshire-pc.gov.uk